Render Ghosts – Eye Rhyme

Render Ghosts are not the only Britain-based band with a Dutch singer nowadays. Other current examples are Sam & The Womp, The Hisunz and Nikki & The Waves.

So let me introduce you to the three members of Render Ghosts, who come from totally different musical backgrounds:

  • Tamara van Esch is well-known in the Netherlands as a singer-songwriter who sings in Dutch for her solo project Mevrouw Tamara. Also, she appeared on TV talent show The Voice of Holland
  • Tom Wilson is a classically-trained composer of infectiously playful arthouse pop
  • Iain Chambers is a sound artist who uses buildings as instruments. He famously turned London’s Tower Bridge into a massive resonating chamber

As a trio, Render Ghosts move somewhere in between Everything Everything and St. Vincent, but with a more carefree and light-hearted sound. That doesn’t mean there’s no urgency in the music, as their very first release proves. Eye Rhyme is a synth-heavy, ‘80s inspired song, built around Chambers’ propulsive beats. Meanwhile, Tamara van Esch and Tom Wilson’s lyrics map out the disorientation of human relationships in a digital world.

A very colourful and promising debut!

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