Rick Treffers – The Best Of Your Days

Rick Treffers is a Dutch singer-songwriter, writer, producer and musician. Heโ€™s best known from his indie-pop project Mist, which gained notoriety among tastemakers in the Netherlands and abroad, especially Spain. He even relocated to Spain, where he worked with many local artists.

With Mist now defunct, Rick Treffers continues his career under his own name. Most of his songs are melancholic and moody, but he also writes and records more up-tempo, sunny tunes. Either way, theyโ€™re instantly recognizable.

After some years of musical silence, heโ€™ll release not one but two brand-new albums this year. One in English and one in his native tongue. The one in Dutch, Levensdrift (โ€˜zest for lifeโ€™) will only come out in the fall, but Looking For A Place To Stay will be out 6 May already. Musically, it follows the direction of his former band Mist, which is a treat. Participating musicians on the album are Alberto Montero, Antonio Josรฉ Iglesias and Lourdes Casany from Spain, as well as Dutch multi-instrumentalists Mischa Porte, Lรฉon Klaasse, Ivar Vermeulen and Jeroen Luttikhuis. The latter two were part of Mist as well.

Treffers started a crowdfunding in order to design and print the postcards that come with Looking For A Place To Stay. Itโ€™ll also enable him to master and manufacture both cdโ€™s. Click here to see details of the campaign with all of the bonuses it has to offer, and to support this wonderful artist.

To get you in the mood, Best Of Your Days is Rick Treffersโ€™ new single. Itโ€™s an optimistic, radio-friendly pop song, perfectly timed to accompany the first rays of sunlight.

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