Rinse feat. Hatchie – Back Into Your Arms

Joe Agius (Rinse) and Harriette Pillbeam (Hatchie) aren’t exactly complete strangers. On the contrary, they are frequent collaborators. When not working on his own material, Agius writes with Pillbeam on her songs. He is also the lead guitarist and keyboard player in her band. So, it may not come as a surprise that both their projects live in the same musical universe. Call it dream-pop, or The Cure light (which is meant to be a compliment).

This year, Rinse released a few singles already, and now he has also announced his debut EP Wherever I Am. It’s scheduled for release on 5 March 2021. Back Into Your Arms, which features Hatchie’s vocals on it, is its radio-friendly new single.

In a statement, Agius says: β€œI originally started writing Back Into Your Arms as a possible song for Hatchie last year, but enjoyed singing it too much myself and decided to make it my own. Harriette’s vocals sounded so great accompanying mine on the demo we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to make her an official feature, since we both loved the song so much.”

He continues: β€œI finished the lyrics earlier this year after watching a lot of my friends struggle to maintain long distance relationships through the pressures brought on by COVID-19 and the past year. Each verse is from a different person’s view during different stages of a relationship, while the choruses fantasize about the idea that just being in each other’s arms is enough to make it work.”

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