Roads To Roam – Firework

Roads To Roam is a Dutch band consisting of 5 friends: Daan Solleveld (lead vocals, guitar), Boyan van der Heijden (keys, backing vocals), Pieter Boutkan (bass, backing vocals), Roy van der Heijden (lead guitar) and Rick de Jongh (drums). Each of them has their own vision, musical influences and ideas. In other bands, this could easily end up in a mess. Roads To Roam however have a coherent sound. That’s because the band members are capable of putting their egos aside.

Just listen how all of their influences come together in the band’s new single Firework. 5 instruments, 5 visions, 1 song.

Firework. The title says it all. Both musically and lyrically. The song is about a once explosive relationship, but the passion has been put on a back burner. However, the desire to flare up the fire is strong. Why? Because, quite honestly, it was the best they ever had. This story line easily translates to the post-lockdown situation.

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