Robbie Williams – Heavy Entertainment Show

Robbie Williams is one of those artists that youth stations don’t play anymore. Arguably because of his (successful) swing projects. And it’s mainly his swing songs that are played by stations that aim for an older demographic. Nevertheless he is still very popular, looking at the large number of people who come and see him live. So, one could argue radio is missing the point nowadays, or at least ignoring a large group of people.

Well, perhaps that’s not a discussion for this platform…

When Robbie Williams released his 11th studio album Heavy Entertainment Show in November 2016, it was preceded by the epic title track. By then, this was only a teaser however, for the official first single Party Like A Russian came out only a week later. It performed underwhelmingly in the charts (and on radio, of course), like the later singles Love My Life and Mixed Signals.

Only now, Heavy Entertainment Show gets its full single release, accompanied by a video clip.Β I hope it’s not too late, for I think it’s a brilliant mix of Robbie’s pop and swing repertoire. A great song with a great video!


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