Rocky – Love Is A Soft Machine

Rocky is another great French band. Multi-instrumentalists Laurent Paingault and Tom Devos met in the North of France in the late 90โ€™s and were later joined by Olivier Bruggeman. In 2010, they linked up with Inรจs Kikou. Raised in the Paris suburbs on a diet of R&B and most contemporary rap, she became the bandโ€™s singer.

They play their first concert in 2011, opening for The Shoes. A decisive encounter. After Rocky make a remix of The Shoesโ€™ Time To Dance, that bandโ€™s Guillaume Briรจre produces Rockyโ€™s first EP.

Now, their debut album Soft Machines is out, which was overseen by Briรจre as well. Love Is A Soft Machine is Rockyโ€™s new single. A great track with a New Order-like bassline. Whatโ€™s not to love about it?


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