RoseeLu – Got Me Feeling Like This

Always doing things her own way, RoseeLu has always been a loner. Knowing that, you wonโ€™t be surprised she released her first two singles via the DIY route. Those two tracks were enough for Universal Denmark to discover her. They must have promised her big things, for almost contrary to her nature, she decided to sign with the largest record company of the world. Quite honestly: it will be hard for the label not to deliver on its promises. RoseeLu is a huge talent and a potential superstar. All the label has to do, is tell the world about her.

Iโ€™ve been praising her major label debut, Playing Alone, extensively last March. Got Me Feeling Like Thisย is only the third Universal release from the 20-year-old Copenhagener. The opening notes bear some resemblance to Top Of The World by The Carpenters, while RoseeLu probably doesnโ€™t even know the song. The rest of the track however has more of a โ€˜90s feel than the sound of the โ€˜70s.

Got Me Feeling Like Thisย is an energetic tune, thanks to driving guitars, and a four-to-the-floor beat that couldโ€™ve been programmed by Butch Vig for a Garbage hit. Garbage the band, that is. During the first 40 seconds, the song is rather understated, but along the way it builds into a euphoric chorus. Throughout, RoseeLuโ€™s vocals have a Billie Eilish-like nonchalance, but with more of a sparkle to it. This might very well be the voice of the next generation.

About the lyrical content, the singer says: โ€œAlthough Iโ€™m still rather young, Iโ€™ve experienced being madly in love. Iโ€™ve also experienced the type of love where you end up losing yourself and lack the ability to be true to your own values. And even though itโ€™s a hard farewell, sometimes you just have to do it in order to return to yourself again. This song was made only with the intention of letting these feelings go โ€“ make them free and give them the space they need.โ€

Lastly, one piece of advice: with a huge international career at her fingertips, it might be time for RoseeLu to start communicating via her socials in English. Could someone please forward this tip to her? Thank me later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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