S.O.S – Firebrick

Originally born in Malta, 24-year-old Anglo-Malteseย singer,ย songwriter and producer Sophie DeBattista followed her British roots and moved to the UK at the age of 18. Most days, sheโ€™s busking with her acoustic guitar on the London Underground. It was here she was spotted by The Mayor of London Culture Chief, who offered her a 3 year scholarship at the ICMP music faculty.

An important part of her studies was the creation of her artist brand S.O.S and the creation of her debut EP Edges Of The Mind. This EP contains the four tracks Sophie released over the past three years, and her new single Firebrick.

She explains about the song, which she wrote and co-produced herself: โ€œFirebrick was inspired by a young woman who Iโ€™ve known for many years. The song tells the story of how she hasnโ€™t had the best experiences when it comes to the men in her life. Although sheโ€™s been cursed with this bad luck, the silver lining in the narrative is that no matter how bad itโ€™s been and no matter how many men have tried to control or deflate her, she comes back fighting each time.โ€

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