Said The Whale – Honey Lungs

Fans of Vancouver band Said The Whale affectionately describe themselves as ‘SaidHeads’. And there are a lot of them by now. No wonder, for the band has been around for 14 years, and released six album, so far. During their career, they won a Canadian Juno Award and topped the alternative radio chart in the country. And now, with a seventh album on its way, they announce they’re opening their most ambitious chapter yet.

Time will tell if they can live up to that claim, but their new single sounds very promising. Throughout 2020, singer-songwriters Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester, keyboardist Jaycelyn Brown and bassist Lincoln Hotchen threw themselves fully into working on new material with producer Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat).

Honey Lungs is the first fruit of this collaboration. Their first self-released single is an anthemic track. Not sure if it’s a pop tune with rock sensibilities, or a radio-friendly rock song, but that’s not most important here. The lyrics, on the other hand, address ‘today’s political climate and the importance of empathy’. In a statement, Bancroft added: “It’s about using kindness as a way to approach difficult subjects. As we’re fighting for change, let’s come from a place of trying to understand our fellow human beings.”

Amen to that!

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