Saint Motel – Move

This four-piece band from Los Angeles exists since 2009. Descriptions of their music vary from ‘dream pop’ to ‘indie prog’. Somehow they managed to stay off my radar until 2014, when they released their EP My Type. It hit me like a hammer. The infectious title track and the equally lovable Cold Cold Man were great (radio) singles that had deserved considerably more commercial success. Hopefully, the tours they did with Band Of Skulls, Imagine Dragons and Arctic Monkeys have enlarged their fan base.

Last year, the band released their second full album Saintmotelevision (love that title!). Some parts of the world (mainly the United States) were treated with the single Move around the same time, but in other parts (Europe) this great track is only out now. You can watch the accompanying 360-degree video here:

(or the β€˜ordinary’ video, if you like)

As a bonus, I’d also love to point your attention to another great track off the album: the inciting Destroyer, with its lyrics β€˜I don’t break hearts, I destroy them’…


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