Sälen – Heartbreak Diet

If you missed out on their earlier singles IILWMBF (I’m In Love With My Best Friend), Diseasey, The Drwg and Copper Kiss (like I did, to be honest), this is your chance to get to know Sälen. Not the Swedish town, but the London pop trio. There is a connection though. They ‘chose’ the band name by throwing a dart at a map and Sälen was where it landed (true story).

What can you expect from Sälen (except potential future stardom)? I like this description: ‘sweet sugar-pop with a bitter aftertaste’. And I like their music, obviously. Otherwise it wouldn’t be on this blog… Heartbreak Diet is the new single.

Music industry watcher and journalist. Worked at a cd club, a record store chain and was editor in chief of an entertainment trade magazine. Has been in the radio business since 1987, producing and presenting shows. Was music director of several stations. Also, he developed the European Border Breakers Charts.


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