San Mei – Hard To Face

Emily Hamilton is the daughter of Chinese-Malaysian and New Zealand born parents, who immigrated to Australia at an early age. Encouraged by them, she began her musical journey at the keys of her family piano. Ultimately, armed with just a MIDI-keyboard and a Macbook, San Mei was born. She describes her current musical direction as ‘guitar heavy, delay ridden, dreamy pop’. Basically, this means: listen for yourself to find out.

Her new single Hard To Face is an excellent reason to start checking her out, if you didn’t already. It was produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Ali Barter, Alex Lahey), and introduces her upcoming EP.

With Hard To Face, San Mei brings awareness to a widely relatable feeling that is not often articulated. “It felt like every time I looked around everyone else was kicking goals and ticking boxes”, she explains. “And I just felt kind of stuck, and wanted to be where they were or have what they had.” Hard To Face was born out of that frustration. “It felt good to write a song about it. Not that I don’t struggle from time to time, but I think focusing on all the positive things in life helps negate those feelings. I’m learning that having perspective and gratitude is vital in keeping a healthy state of mind.”

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