Sarpa Salpa – Another Life

For artists, recognition (and motivation) can come from various places. Family and friends are often amongst the first supporters. When well executed, live performances produce new fans that were unrelated to the act beforehand. Then, hopefully, curators at radio and streaming platforms will follow suit. Sarpa Salpa can hardly complain about support from radio. Obviously, family and friends are on board as well. As far as I’m concerned, streaming gatekeepers could do better. And, like for any other band, it’s heart-breaking to see they’ve had to cancel all of their touring plans.

On the other hand, the Northampton five-piece ended 2020 on a high in the form of a grant from the (UK music licensing company) PPL Momentum Music Fund in December. This grant, supported by PRS Foundation, PPL, Spotify UK, Creative Wales, and Arts Council Northern Ireland has enabled the band to continue to progress by funding the recording, mixing, mastering and promotion of their sophomore EP. Additionally, this funding will back the release of the EP on vinyl and help the band promote the release through a series of live dates in 2021.

We’ll have to wait until 2 April for the EP to come out, but Another Life is Sarpa Salpa’s new single off it. An uplifting, upbeat pop song, that begs to be played live. The band have socially distanced gigs lined up for April through August. Fingers crossed…

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