Sarpa Salpa – Stick To What You Know

Sarpa Salpa was formed in 2017 by Marcus Maroothย (vocals), George Neath (guitar), Ethan Whitby (bass) and Charlie Doeย (drums). In August last year, the band became a five piece with the addition of Meg Amirghisvandย (synths). Around that time, they came on my radar with their irresistible single Before It Goes Dark.

Now, the Northampton outfit are back with a new track. And it only takes one quick listen to know: Sarpa Salpa refuse to disappoint. Stick To What You Know is another one of their well-crafted pop songs. Danceable but credible, with catchy guitar lines, driving drums, and infectious oh-ohโ€™s.

Lyrically, the song is less light-hearted. Itโ€™s about defying the pressure to follow a traditional career path. Frontman Marcus Marooth says: โ€Itโ€™s about finding something that you love and pursuing it with everything youโ€™ve got. There is a lot of pressure in society to find a job, settle down then rinse and repeat. This track is about not settling for that 9-5 job you hate for the rest of your life. Something thatโ€™s proved more than testing for everyone in 2020.โ€

Stick To What You Know is a new banger, thatโ€™s sure to extend Sarpa Salpaโ€™s status as radio darlings. Itโ€™s the second single to be put out ahead of the bandโ€™s sophomore EP, due for release in early 2021.

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