Sega Bodega – U Got The Fever

Sega Bodega is London-based artist Salvador Navarrete. This explains the title of his latest album Salvador. He currently has some bad luck. Or bad timing, at least. His new single is called U Got The Fever. Obviously, this has nothing to do with Corona, but I hope politically correct music directors see that too. Okay, the song is very contagious, but only in a good way. Thatโ€™s why I think it deserves to spread all over the world.

The first notes, with a sampled โ€œOoh-aahโ€ remind me of Cloudbusting by Kate Bush. Of the part that goes โ€œOoh I just know that something good is gonna happenโ€, to be exact. Elsewhere, we hear an old-school, computer-generated rhythm and an eerie whistle melody. All and all, itโ€™s got something spacey to it. And it holds some good advice as well, in these challenging times: โ€œGo home, lock your doors, turn off your phone, and hope itโ€™ll all be okay in the morning. Although it never isโ€ฆโ€

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