Self Esteem – Girl Crush

Far too often, when an ‘indie’ artist decides to throw in a pinch of ‘pop’, they are looked down upon, even by their own fans. As if music by independent minds can’t sound poppy, or as if pop and indie are two extremes of a musical spectrum. If that’s your thought exactly, don’t read on. If you’re less narrow-minded, allow me to introduce you to Self Esteem.

Self Esteem is the latest musical project of Rebecca Lucy Taylor, who used to be in the band Slow Club. Girl Crush is the new single off her solo debut album Compliments Please. An ambitious song that includes strings and a flute amidst poppy beats. Lyrically, the track is a reaction to the term itself. Taylor explains: “It should just be known as a crush. This isn’t a ground-breaking gender and sexuality statement, it’s just common sense. Women aren’t a fun new cool thing for straight women to try. (…) It’s a difficult thing to talk about but it’s something I can make a banging pop song about.”

Commercial, but uncompromising.

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