Self Esteem – Prioritise Pleasure

After Slow Club split up in 2017, Rebecca Lucy Taylor worked on solo material under the Self Esteem moniker. Her sophomore album Prioritise Pleasure will be out 22 October. Following I Do This All The Time, the title track is the long-player’s new single.

Prioritise Pleasure opens with rather minimalistic beats and a semi-spoken word verse. Totally unexpectedly however, the track burst open. A choir sets in, accompanied by blasts of scratching, metallic synths. This is how the gospel according to Self Esteem sounds. Full on and explosive with an industrial feel.

Taylor calls the song β€˜a wide screen mantra, remembering to put myself first and in turn making myself a better, more present person’. She adds: β€œMy journey to accept myself is far from over, but over the last few years some of the age old simple shit has started to finally kick in. Love yourself, be in the moment, put your needs first – that all used to feel so abstract and impossible but with a bit of will power (and writing a tonne of songs about it), I finally not only see the benefits but am actively enjoying them.”

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