Sennek – A Matter Of Time

Belgium has built itself a reputation at the Eurovision Song Contest. The last three years, the country ended in the Top 10, twice of which (Loรฏc Nottet and Blanche) in fourth position. The entry for 2018 is equally dark and broody as these Top 5 songs, so it looks like Belgium will make it four in a row.

This yearโ€™s candidate is 27-year-old Laura Groeseneken, who goes by the stage name of Sennek. In recent years she wrote songs for Hooverphonic and played keys in Ozark Henryโ€™s band, two of my all-time favourite Belgian artists. On A Matter Of Time, Hooverphonicโ€™s Alex Callier returns the favour. He co-wrote the tune, so it comes as no surprise that it has James Bond written all over it, although A Matter Of Time sounds a little more stripped-down, less bombastic. Producer Maxime Tribeche, who also worked with Delv!s, did a fine job at that.

Callier wrote the opening sentence โ€˜Sometimes it feels like itโ€™s meant to be brokenโ€™, after he broke his beloved tea pot while making tea during the writing sessions. This event also features in the video. With a song as good as this, itโ€™s hard to believe Sennekโ€™s Eurovision dream will break to smithereens as wellโ€ฆ

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