She Drew The Gun – Trouble Every Day

Louisa Roach’s musical outfit She Drew The Gun have a new single out. It’s a cover of The Mothers Of Invention’s classic 1966 protest song Trouble Every Day, written a year earlier by Frank Zappa. For this new version, Roach reworked some of the lyrics to reflect the current state of the world. Her revisions received the blessing of Zappa’s estate, who were keen to hear the song adapted to suit contemporary times.

Roach says about the song: “I heard Trouble Every Day and thought it would make a great cover. Frank Zappa wrote it based on the TV coverage of the Watts riots in LA back in the 60’s. So I rewrote some of the lyrics to reflect what I’ve seen reported on the TV in more recent times. From English riots to the Extinction Rebellion protests. It takes a look at the issues that are facing us at the moment. From the rise of the far right to the threat of climate change and the role the global media corporations play in supporting neoliberal ideology.”

Trouble Every Day is the title track of She Drew The Gun’s upcoming EP, expected to be released on 22 November.

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