Sheppard – Kiss My Fat Ass

Amy Sheppard is the 28-year-old front woman of Aussie bandΒ Sheppard. Their new single Kiss My Fat Ass isn’t just a fun song with a fun title, it has a message as well. A message that started on Instagram.

Half a year ago, Amy posted a picture of herself beside the pool. She explains: β€œI was sick of trying to keep up with the Instagram game and I posted a photo of me in a bikini from behind with my cellulite on full display. (…) We all have perceived imperfections. I’m not sure who set the beauty standard bar, but it’s not achievable and very unrealistic.”

Shocked by the huge positive reaction, she has posted many more β€˜bootylicious’ photo’s ever since. All of them tagged with #kissmyfatass. The gimmick then started to become a movement. More people appeared to be as unconfident about their body as Amy was. Strengthened by all of the responses, she and her band decided to devote their new single to the cause. The video features a diverse group of Australian women, including trainer Tiffany Hall, fitness fanatic Kara Saunders, and Paralympic swimmer Monique Murphy. They all show off their bodies, with all of the variety that comes with them.

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