Sidonie with Delaporte – Mi Vida Es La Música

In 2021, ABBA will release five new songs. Good timing then, that Spanish band Sidonie called their new album El Regreso De ABBA (the return of ABBA).

Mi Vida Es La Música (my life is music) is their new single. The band say it’s one of the most important tracks of their 23 year long career. It has a double message. For starters, it’s a mini autobiography. It describes Sidonie’s story from the moment they first shared the stage until today. All that time, despite everything that happened, they continued to do what they liked most. On the other hand, the song argues that a country without music is a country without culture; a sick country that no vaccine can heal. A clear message in support of the event and entertainment sector, which is hit extremely hard by COVID-19.

That said, the single, which features fellow Spanish duo Delaporte, is a catchy and accessible tune.

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