Skia – Pocket

Skia was born as Annie Norbye. Originally from Oslo, Norway, she’s currently based in Liverpool. However, you can take the girl out of Scandinavia, but you can’t take the Scandipop out of the girl. Luckily, I might add.

Believe it or not, but for her debut single Anyone, released earlier this year, she worked with Paul McCartney. Three singles later, she came up with her first EP Apricot, but her new single is a brand-new track. Prolific lady…

Pocket is an upbeat, sugary-sweet, irresistibly catchy song, built around handclaps, funky guitar chords and punchy percussion. It gives a shoutout to friendships that defy distance and uncertainties.

In Skia’s own words: β€œI wrote this song when my friend Nina went back to Munich earlier in the year after having a rough time, and I became worried she wasn’t going to come back to Liverpool again. We’ve both made a life in a new country, and the feeling of not knowing where we belong creeps up from time to time. β€˜Pocket’ is essentially a song about friendship, and about working through your problems together instead of fleeing from there.”

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