Slum Sociable (feat. Kye) – You’re In My Head

Australia has by far my favourite music scene at the moment. The amount of talent it produces is unbelievable, and their success abroad rather underwhelming. I do what I can (and will continue to do so) to introduce you to as many of them as possible.

Did you know Slum Sociable already, earthling? This Melbourne duo, comprised of Ed Quinn and Miller Upchurch, have been around since their 2015 debut single Anyway. That same year, they put out the EP TQ, follow by their self-titled debut album in 2017.

You’re In My Head is their second single of this year. It’s an incredibly catchy affair, that brings you straight back to 1989. It’s groovy beat finds itself halfway If Only I Could and Fool’s Gold.

Co-produced by Xavier Dunn, this track marks the first time Slum Sociable collaborate with another artist. It features Melbourne based, Zimbabwe born, London raised Kye to great effect. β€œWorking alongside Kye was a dream come true”, Quinn said of the collaboration. β€œShe took this track to another level. We’ve always wanted to make a stomper like this, so it feels good to finally release it.”

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