Sofía Ellar – La Revolución

Following the success of the Angry Birds games, the spin-off movie became a hit as well. You won’t be surprised then, to learn that a second Angry Birds flick can be watched in theatres as off 23 August.

The game’s (and film’s) soundtrack are in part responsible for the franchise’s triumphant reception. It’s a clever mix of classics and a few new songs. During ‘Angry Birds 2’, you can expect to sing along to tunes by Vanilla Ice, Bonnie Tyler, 2 Unlimited, Survivor, Minnie Riperton, David Bowie and Lionel Richie. Yes, it’s that diverse. As far as the new songs go, you’re already familiar with Kesha’s Best Day.

In the larger musical markets, the movie soundtrack will also contain tracks by local artists. The best I’ve heard so far, is La Revolución by Sofía Ellar. Álvaro Soler’s girlfriend provides the ‘Angry Birds 2’ theme song in Spain. A wonderful sing-along tune (if you speak Spanish, that is), with a very summery vibe. Lucky for us, Spotify, YouTube etc. are worldwide platforms, so you can also enjoy this wonderful track outside Spain.

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