Son Mieux – Everyday

In 2005, Camiel, Wrister and Quinten Meiresonne started rock band All Missing Pieces. Later on, Camiel played keyboards in Soul Sister Dance Revolution, but now, the The Hague brothers are reunited in the band Son Mieux. Originally, this was an acoustic solo project, for which Camielย wrote tracks in the middle of the night. These songs were supposed to become โ€˜his bestโ€™, which is the exact meaning of Son Mieux. However, with the addition of other musicians, the bandโ€™s sound became richer and started to include electronic influences.

So far, Son Mieux released an EP, Vice Versa, in 2016 and a follow-up single, Hiding, a year later. Ahead of a debut album, due out later this year, the band just put out their new single, Everyday.

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