Spector – When Did We Get So Normal?

London-based band Spector are the bundling kind. They just combined their three most recent singles with one new track on the ‘Extended Play’ EP. And 29 April, they’ll release ‘Non-Fiction’, a compilation of their three most recent EP’s.

The fourth and final track to be taken from Extended Play is new single When Did We Get So Normal? Although it was written and recorded before the global crisis, current circumstances add a new layer to its lyrics.

Frontman Fred Macpherson“We wrote it back when everything in life was starting to feel a little too repetitive and routine, which feels a long time ago now. It’s inspired by the pathos of spending too much time with the same people, getting bored of seeing, hearing and eating the same things as everyone else, looking in the mirror and realising your life is no longer the adventure it once felt like. I guess we’re all in the same boat now though. Even the sexy interesting people are staying in watching TV and waiting for packages. So maybe it’s a good soundtrack to the new normality. I’ll never complain about Cornwall again.”

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