Spo Dee O Dee – Colours [2019 Version]

In 1988, singer/guitarist Ross Curry, bass player Ralph Brink and drummer Jan Holtman formed Spo Dee O Dee. The Dutch rock band took its name from one of the first prototypical rock β€˜n’ roll songs: 1946’s Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee by Stick McGhee. That was named after the alcoholic fruit drink β€˜spodi’, a cocktail of red wine and bourbon. In the early β€˜90s, they got more and more popular in the live circuit and on alternative radio stations. Their debut album Goin’ Walkabout was produced by Richard Jansen of legendary Dutch rock outfit Fatal Flowers.

For their third album, Spo Dee O Dee got the chance to record in Dublin with U2 producer Flood. Because of equipment failure however, the band returned home without any recordings. In 1995, they called it a day.

Fast forward to 2019. Spo Dee O Dee are back together and will start a comeback tour through the Netherlands in January 2020. As a warming-up, they re-recorded one of their first singles, 1991’s Colours. Still a great song with international class. I hope the world is ready for them now!

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