Stacey Jackson – Flipside

Remember that β€˜80s retro trend that ran through popular music the last years? Well, it ain’t over yet (thankfully). Take Stacey Jackson’s new single Flipside for instance. It’s got β€˜80s written all over it. The Take On Me-like drums, basically all of it’s synth parts… this song could not have existed if it wasn’t for this decade.

Despite it’s joyful and youthful sound, don’t mistake Jackson for the next teen pop star, however. She experienced the β€˜80s consciously and only launched her music career at the age of 40. Since then, she released four albums and over a dozen singles. Next to that, she produces online workout videos and a weekly music show, aptly titled Stacey Jackson In The β€˜80s. Her new single is the fitting theme song of the programme. In 2022, Stacey Jackson is a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, TV presenter and mother of four.

In addition to young, β€˜80s-inspired artists like Dua Lipa and The Weeknd, it’s nice to now hear an artist sing from the perspective of someone who was there first time around. Flipside is an anthem of empowerment, self assertion and determination, which confirms her staying power.

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