Stalking Like Candy – Can You See The Light

In an ideal world, the biggest (radio) hits would not be the ones with the biggest marketing budgets, but the ones with the most catchy melody. In an ideal world, radio stations wouldn’t wait a second longer to put Stalking Like Candy’s Can You See The Light on their playlists.

Alas… this is not an ideal world. But that doesn’t make this song any less catchy. It all starts with a ukulele, almost immediately followed by an irresistible ‘na-na-nana-na’, ending up in an overall ‘ELO light’ kind of sound.

Stalking Like Candy was formed in September 2016 in Sydney, Australia by Jamie Q (vocals, guitar) and Thida (vocals, guitar), and completed by Gabe (bass) and Aleš (drums). They started by covering artists such as Gorillaz and The Pixies, but are now also playing their own originals, all featuring uplifting (vocal) harmonies, dynamic raps, gritty guitar riffs and analogue synth hooks.

Can You See The Light is only Stalking Like Candy’s second single. It will be followed by the same-titled EP shortly.


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