Stars – Pretenders

Just to make sure youโ€™re not mistaken: this is not a new single by the Pretenders, called Stars. This is Montreal indie-pop veterans Starsโ€™ new single Pretenders. Itโ€™s the first track to be taken off their upcoming album From Capelton Hill, which will be out on 27 May. This long-player, their first in five years, is named after a place in North Hatley, Quebec.

Pretenders, a timeless pop song, features the line โ€˜We laid our bets, we made our beds on staying young foreverโ€™. Referencing said lyric, singer Amy Millan says she wrote Pretenders as a โ€˜love letterโ€™ to co-vocalist Torquil Campbell and the bandโ€™s origins. โ€œWhen we wrote all those songs 20 years ago, we were young. Thatโ€™s what being in a band is: youโ€™re putting down your chips on feeling young and being young. It doesnโ€™t necessarily work out because time does its thing.โ€ Campbell adds: โ€œObviously, we lost that bet. But we are young in the moment of singing it. Thatโ€™s the incredible thing about music: you are young in the moment of singing that line, even if youโ€™re 80.โ€

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