Stix Bones feat. Imani Coppola – Breakin’ The Dance Floor

New York native Stix Bones is an arranger, jazz drummer, and producer. He worked with the likes of De La Soul, Rahzel The Godfather of Noise and poet Jessica Care Moore before. Now, he shares a new collaboration with Imani Coppola.

Coppola, of course, is best known for her song Legend Of A Cowgirl. If you were even born in 1997, that is 😉. If not, you may remember her being the front-woman of musical duo Little Jackie. They should have gained worldwide fame for their single The World Should Revolve Around Me in 2008. Last year, after another 11-year cycle, she came back with her album New Protagonist.

Built around a light synth, laidback handclaps, amped up bass and restrained tambourine, Stix’ and Imani’s collaborative single is an old-school party-jam. But one with an important message. Breakin’ The Dance Floor is here to remind black people that revolution cannot come at the expense of joy. The message is delivered as a quarantine metaphor: it encourages music lovers locked in their homes to do something fun, such as dancing the stress away. Either way, the song urges people to embrace the blessings we have in each moment and not get pulled down by the negativity that’s all around us.

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