Sunday Hunter – Illogical Sphere

If I didn’t convince you of the huge amount of musical talent in Australia yet, this is the right week for you to change your mind. Brisbane-based singer-songwriter/musician Sunday Hunter is another fine example. After fronting pop/rock bands and electronic/experimental duos, she’s now honing her craft as a producer and solo artist. Her own unique blend of modern alternative pop sounds includes gritty guitar riffs, sweeping synths, punchy beats and disparate vocals.

Sunday just put out Illogical Sphere, her fourth single as a solo artist. She wrote and produced it herself, with Jason Millhouse helping out with mixing and mastering. It starts with a dreamy melodic guitar riff, which then transitions into a more rigid rock-like guitar sound combined with buzzing bass synths.

β€œIllogical Sphere is about losing grip on reality and getting stuck in a cycle of illogical thought and behaviour”, says Sunday. β€œThe illogical sphere is an analogy for the whole world being an illogical place driving us all a little crazy.”

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