Super db – Wait For Me

Allow me to start with the bad news: the fade-out is making a comeback in todayโ€™s pop music. Iโ€™ve once heard a studio technician explain: โ€˜A fade-out gives the impression a song can go on endlessly, whereas a cold ending clearly indicates a song has really finishedโ€™. Thatโ€™s all very well, but to me a fade-out just sounds plain lazy.

But hey, letโ€™s skip to the good newsโ€ฆ Super db have a great new single out!

Super db are a 4-piece band from London, whose sound is a distinctive mix of pop, disco, funk, rock and jazz. Their band name has a double meaning: it plays on the positive, upbeat nature of their music, but it also includes the band membersโ€™ initials. Super db are twin brothers JM Sutcliffe (guitars, vocals) and JP Sutcliffe (drums, vocals, keys, percussion), joined by Matt Dibble (keys, vocals, sax, clarinet) and Lorenzo Bassignani (bass).

Their new single Wait For Me sounds like a Westcoast take on Olivia Newton-John & ELOโ€™s Xanadu. Thatโ€™s not a coincidence. The audio style of the track is a homage to Jeff Lynne’s productions of the late โ€˜70s, featuring falsetto vocals, dense production, and classic ‘vocoder’ sounds in the chorus. Lyrically, itโ€™s about a man caught in a love triangle.

Following Kool Funk and Open Line To Me, which the band released in 2020, Wait For Me is the third single to be released ahead of their new album. Entitled Ecoute ร‡a (French for โ€˜listen to thisโ€™), itโ€™ll come out in the summer; the perfect season for this sunny kind of music!

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