Superbird – Operate

2019 was a hugely successful debut year for British funk-rock power-trio Superbird. They released no less than six singles, the very first (Cola Bottle Fizz) ending up as the theme tune for ITV’s β€˜The Sara Cox Show’. This resulted in sold-out shows, and ultimately, they were crowned BBC Introducing’s β€˜Band of the Year’.

Superbird just released their third single of 2020. Operate starts in soft mode, but builds up to an epic conclusion. A groovy track that sounds like a future live favourite. Unfortunately, live shows as we used to know them are not expected to resume any time soon. In a short Q&A, I asked drummer/vocalist Alex Ash about the consequences of the Corona pandemic for Superbird…

How did COVID-19 change your master plan?
Alex: β€œCOVID forced us into full writing mode. We did our first writing session over Zoom and in a three hour session we wrote a whole new tune! This happened for the next four nights. Never before had we sat on so much material and were able to select which were the best. It has truly made such aΒ difference and without a doubt taken our next release to another level.”

Nine tracks into your career, are you into the β€˜album’ concept or will you just continue to release separate singles?
Alex: β€œWe would love to do an album but with the way music is consumed now, we want to continue staying in people’s faces and have a lot more announcements. Recording an album would take us away from the hussle.”

What’s Operate about and/or what inspired it?
Alex: β€œOperate is a heartfelt, emotional rock-ballad of love and loss. The story depicts the tragic separation of two people, with the protagonist begging the question: can the person that broke your heart be the only one who can fix it?”

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