Superbird – Think You Got Me

I consider myself a fan of British band Superbird, and itโ€™s all their fault. Kicking off the year in funky fashion, they released their maiden single Cola Bottle Fizz on 4 January. It was requested by Sara Cox herself to become the official theme-tune for her brand-new ITV programme โ€˜The Sara Cox Showโ€™.

Throughout the year, Superbird put out songs by an average of one every two months. Indeed, Think You Got Me is their sixth single already. Its first notes bring Letโ€™s Stick Together by Bryan Ferry to mind, but ten seconds into the track itโ€™s clear it possesses all of Superbirdโ€™s trademark elements. Think You Got Me is another funky indie-pop gem with disco drum rolls, horn stabs and irresistible vocal hooks.

I think they got me the first time around, but Iโ€™m sure they got me now.

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