Superbird – Year On String Along

Cola Bottle Fizz was a great introduction to British trio Superbird, but there’s more where that came from. Year On String Along is the band’s third effort, and once again, Joe Sin (lead vocals, guitar), Alex Ash (drums, vocals), and Freddy Sidero (bass, vocals) drag us back to the wonderful 80’s. The tune is driven by the funky, groovy kind of retro vibe that’s already starting to become the group’s signature sound. I’d be surprised if this wouldn’t do well both on the radio and live.

But don’t take my word for it, just see what Superbird say about themselves. Their bio claims this is β€˜a band of genuine peacocks re-defining the term β€˜flamboyancy’ with a red-hot live show, entailing wild frontman Joe’s soaring vocal-range and signature leg-kick, enhanced by Alex’s melodic & rhythmical disciplinary – accomplished by the bands β€œnot-so-secret” weapon of funk Freddy’. Seeing is believing, I guess…

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