Sweater Curse – Close

First things first. โ€˜Sweater curseโ€™ is a term used byย knitters.ย It describes the superstition that if a knitter gives a hand-knit sweater to aย significant other, it will lead to the recipientย breaking upย with the knitter. But, more in line with this blog, Sweater Curse is also a band from Brisbane, Australia. It consists of guitarist Chris Langenberg, lead singer/bassist Monica Sottile and drummer Rei Bingham.

Last year, after a string of singles, the trio released their debut EP See You. Close is Sweater Curseโ€™s first release since that EP. A great tune with a pounding bass and grungy guitar parts. A bit like certain Smashing Pumpkins songs. The vocal melodies on the other hand have a bubble-gum pop sensibility, culminating in anthemic choruses. These parts work together very well, creating a cool, bouncy rock song.

Langenberg says of the lyrical themes of song: โ€œIt talks of the struggles within a relationship (friendship, general or romantic) and at times it explores themes and emotions of self-deprecating.โ€

Close is taken from an as-of-yet untitled EP, due out later this year. The track was produced by Ball Park Musicโ€™s Sam Cromack, and co-written by Carte Blanche Music favourite Alex Lahey. Lahey herself released the surprise EP Between The Kitchen And The Living Room this week. It contains stripped down versions of five of her songs, each recorded in different rooms of her house.

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