Swimming Girls – 1 2 Many

When studying in Bath (UK), four students were put together entirely randomly as part of a ‘musical project’, and asked to, quite simply, ‘write a song’. Soon, they discovered they all had a fixation on the warmth and nostalgia of ‘70s and ‘80s pop, drawing inspiration from artists like The Cure, Cyndi Lauper and Culture Club. Listening to their own songs, I’d say more contemporary influences come from bands such as Pale Waves, Haim and Anteros. All of those have featured on Carte Blanche Music multiple times, so what can go wrong? Well, nothing, basically…

After a hand full of singles, Swimming Girls will put out their debut EP Existential Fears in 14 June. 1 2 Many is its first single. Billed as a break-up song, the track channels the reckless, self-destructive feelings that can sometimes follow a break-up, tapping into the insecurities of us all. However, 1 2 Many is a call to embrace your mistakes and ‘rejoice in momentary romantic relapses’, instead of dwelling in the self-deprecating feelings that are so easy to turn to in these situations.

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