Swimming Tapes – Pyrenees

London-based five-piece Swimming Tapes produce charming and summery indie-pop, Their debut album Morningside (24 May) will be full of it. This explains any comparisons with bands like Real Estate and Belle & Sebastian.

Pyrenees is the long-playerโ€™s first single. The band explain: “Pyrenees is a sweet little bop of a pop song. It might only clock in at two-and-a-half minutes but we still managed to get two different guitar solos in there. The songโ€™s about what follows an argument with a loved one, that middle of the night feeling when you realise actually youโ€™re the one in the wrong.”

The song makes me think of New Orderโ€™s Bizarre Love Triangle in Frente!โ€™s delicate version.

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