Sycco – Dribble

Emerging Australian singer-songwriter Sasha McLeod goes by the stage name Sycco, which is pronounced as ‘psycho’. Her new single Dribble is only her fifth since she came to the scene with her debut track Starboard Square in 2018. From that moment on, her songs have kept evolving, just like the number of streams, as well as her sound.

Dribble is an irresistible, easy-going pop tune with an electronic arrangement at its core. It also flirts with neo-soul, while Sycco’s smooth vocals flow on top of the beat. The Brisbane artist explains: “This track was written in four hours. [Producer] Ed and I were tired and hungover, which maybe explains why it sounds a little dark. The guitar synth was added at the last minute but I can’t imagine the song without it now”.

Sycco enjoys massive support from Australia’s alternative radio station Triple J. Earlier this year, she was one of 17 talented artists from all over the country to win a Triple J Unearthed ‘Level Up’ grant. The prize comes with $7.000, to be spent on ‘things that will level up their music career’, like musical instruments, home studio recording equipment or software, mixing and mastering costs, music video production, etc.

Money well spent by Triple J, I’d say. It’s quite clear this girl, only 18 years old, has a bright future ahead of her.

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