Talkbøx – People People People

For Dutch electronic indie-pop trio Talkbøx, 2021 is off to a good start. People People People is their second great single of the year, so far. The track was written last summer, when the band was still a duo, consisting of producer/beatmaker Dion Peters and guitarist/writer Mitchell Giebels.

They recall it as follows: “At the end of June 2020 we started writing People People People. It was a summer evening where we actually had no intention of writing music. After we had swum that night, we got the idea to make some music in the studio. Mitchell had brought his guitar that night just in case and played some chords on which Dion started whistling. This is how the cheerful flute part originated in the song. We became so enthusiastic about how quickly we came up with this cheerful melody that we wrote the lyrics that same evening.”

However, they didn’t do anything with it for a while, until conservatory student Dana Havrylyuk joined the band as their main vocalist. She then sang the lyrics, which are personal and based on depression. Quite the opposite of the song’s cheerfulness. So I’d suggest you let your mood decide whether you focus on the music or the lyrics while listening.

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