Talma – Lifeline

Rock has many faces. Alt rock, classic rock and art rock, to name but three. As you would have guessed, I donโ€™t name these three by coincidence. Itโ€™s these forms that London five-piece Talma combines. Their bio says so, so itโ€™s true.

But although no one likes to be pidgeon-holed, itโ€™s perhaps more helpful to make some musical comparisons. Most obvious, to my ears, is the inspiration the band draws from The Smiths. I know, Smiths fans are hard to be satisfied, but in my opinion, Talma pulls it of. And Iโ€™m a Smiths fan myself, you should knowโ€ฆ

Talmaโ€™s single Lifeline is about the sense of alienation that can come with life in the modern city. โ€œIt explores the juxtaposition of being surrounded by millions of people, but still feeling a sense of loneliness every day,โ€ frontman Henry Adams explains.
Lifeline is a great song, that sounds like it couldโ€™ve been sung by Morrissey.

If guitar music is dead (which isnโ€™t the case, by the way), then long live Talma!


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