Tanaya Harper – Emma

Tanaya Harper is a member of Australian bands Bells Rapids and Ghost Care, but also started a solo career in 2017. Since then, the Perth-based singer-songwriter released two EP’s. Emma is her brand-new single. Fans of fellow Aussie Ali Barter are very likely to love this!

EmmaΒ channels β€˜90s indie rock and noughties indie pop, resulting in R.E.M.–Β vs. The Bangles-like jangle pop. Its melodic guitar parts, energetic drum beats and sing-along chorus make it instantly likeable.

Harper is well-known for her intimate lyrics about her own experiences with depression, anxiety and living with bipolar disorder. This new single is just as personal. It’s both a catchy post-breakup song and an ode to recklessness.

She shares: β€œEmma is a sad song thinly veiled as a fun song. It’s about a couple months of recklessness I embarked on following a breakup. At the time I felt totally justified in my actions when really, grief and denial were always looming. I was partying pretty hard and having lots of fun with all my friends but once I was alone it would just hit me, all the confusion and unresolved issues and the β€˜what ifs?’.”

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