Teenage Dads – Thank You For The Honey, Honey

Angus Christie, Connor McLaughlin, Jordan Finlay and Vincent Kinna are four Australian lads who met at High School. DIY is their middle name. They do everything themselves, including recording, producing, and mixing. Meanwhile, they are their own managers and produce the artwork and videos to their self-penned songs. Drawing from bands like The Strokes and Phoenix, Teenage Dads created a driving indie-pop sound of their own.

With two EPโ€™s and an album under their belt, the quartet is ready for the next step. They just released their new single Thank You For The Honey, Honey. Apparently, it was inspired by ABBAโ€™s Honey, Honey, although I canโ€™t think of another connection than the juxtaposition of those two identical, sugar sweet words.

Musically, itโ€™s an upbeat pop-rock song, full of infectious melodies, intricate synth lines, hooky guitars and unconventional chords. Shoegaze, played by a band in a hurry.
Lyrically, it’s about having feelings of being deserted by someone close to you. Drummer Vincent explains: โ€œItโ€™s about being left in the lurch by someone and the struggles of coping with that, and that while youโ€™re thankful for โ€˜the honeyโ€™, you fear the prospect of living an unfulfilling life.โ€

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