The All-American Rejects – Me Vs. The World

Okay, The All-American Rejects released a 3-track EP last year, but their latest long-player dates from 2012. While this has caused some to question the band’s future, TAAR just put out a new single. Well, not really new, but newish, at least…

Guitarist Nick Wheeler says about it: “It was written quarantine-style a few years ago when [singer] Tyson [Ritter] and I were doing our part separately. And our keyboard player Scott Chesak co-wrote it as well and produced the track. We never got around to finishing it, and then lockdown hit, and we were all looking at free time on our schedule. So we decided to finally finish it and turn it into something. It ended up being a cool thing, not just for us to do, but to be able to put out there since we weren’t able to do literally anything for fans this year.”

Although work on the bouncy song started a few years ago, it feels fitting given these pandemic times. Wheeler adds: “I think everybody has this mentality that this is the worst fucking year ever. And it literally feels like me against the world, regardless of your status or situation.”

All proceeds from this track will be donated to the MusiCares COVID-19 relief fund. This helps those in the music industry who have been out of work since March.

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