The Black Keys – Shine A Little Light

When they finished touring their 2014 album Turn Blue, The Black Keysโ€™ Dan Auerbach said he had become so alienated from his job, that he could play to a huge crowd without thinking about what he was doing. The five-year break that followed, allowed and Patrick Carney him to focus again. Last week, the band returned with their tenth album โ€œLetโ€™s Rockโ€.

According to Auerbach, the inspiration for the album’s title was a news story regarding the execution of convicted murdererย Edmund Zagorskiย that he read while the band was recording the album. When asked for any last words before his execution, Zagorski reportedly told the guard, “Let’s rock”, before being executed via the electric chair. This also explains the prominent placing of the death machine on the albumโ€™s artwork.

Not wasting any time, the record opens with a track thatโ€™s a firm favourite of mine. Shine A Little Light immediately shows the double meaning of the album title. It has the kind of great riff the band are popular for. Hard on the one hand, but irresistibly poppy on the other. This would make a great single!

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