The Darcys – Look Me In The Eyes

Only recently, I recommended Fool’s Paradise by Ferraro, which was produced by The Darcys. Now, this Canadian alt-pop duoΒ are back with new music of their own.

Jason Couse and Wes Marskell formed The Darcys in 2007. They took their name from Jane Austin’s novel Pride And Prejudice. Following their most recent, fourth album Centerfold (2016), they released numerous new tracks. Also, during quarantine, they launched a series of β€˜COVID covers’, with streaming profits going to charity.

In other words: these two are quite a prolific bunch. They just put out their new single proper, Look Me In The Eyes, the first to be released ahead of the band’s next long-player. It’s an upbeat track, which comes with a fun, half-animated video. The clip was partly funded by Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Smart, for Look Me In The Eyes sounds like a bona fide radio hit to me!

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