The Franklin Electric – Made It Up In Your Head

Montreal indie pop band The Franklin Electric may not be a household name just yet, but they’re working on it. You may already have seen them live as support act for the likes of Mumford  & Sons and Ben Howard.

On 2 August, they’ll release a new EP, In Your Head, and the first single is available already. Made It Up In Your Head serves as a reminder that loving yourself can be the best way to get out of anxiety’s spiral. In the video, this is represented by the metaphor of a trip to California.

Frontman Jon Matte: “Life sometimes feels surreal and dream-like and there’s no better place to represent that than the desert and the hazy los Angeles. We all know how it feels to be stuck in a spiral of ideas we’ve made up in our heads. For me, being able to explore and discover things is a way to get out of my head. It’s something I try to do as much as possible, even on tour. So we decided to simply capture that idea with a dreamy cinematic feel.”

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