The Hengles – Down To The Water

The Hengles are a pop group from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Maarten Heijblok, Dirk Portegies, Paul van Rijswijk and Erwin Wolters share a rich history of making Dutch pop music in bands such as Treble Spankers, Supersub and Alison Gross, to name but a few.

When they started, in 2015, The Hengles were a cover band, specializing in jingle-jangle music (The Byrds, Big Star, Badfinger). Only a year ago, the band made the transition to recording self-penned music only. Something they had been doing in their previous bands for years anyway. After contributing to the first 4 singles, founding member Dirk Portegies left the group to pursue his own projects.

Down To The Water, The Hengles’ sixth single, features solid, craft songwriting, influenced by the ‘60s and ‘70s. Starting with a relaxed bassline and beats, layer after layer is added as the music progresses. A harmonica solo, soaring synths, haunting guitars and a touch of trumpet end up in an ultimate climax. Timeless class!

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