The Hengles – No Time For Tea

The members of The Hengles previously played in illustrious Dutch β€˜80s and β€˜90s bands like Fatal Flowers, Treble Spankers, Supersub and Jack Of Hearts. Each of them bands with classic influences, before becoming classic themselves. No wonder, then, that their new outfit makes equally timeless music. Among the many layers of their songs, they also include snippets of their sources of inspiration. A smart way of making them instantly likeable and recognizable. With success, for the past year, the band’s singles were played on radio stations all over the world.

No Time For Tea is another highlight in The Hengles’ six year career. Its intro echoes R.E.M., while Flash & The Pan’s Hey, St. Peter shines through elsewhere. Fine ingredients to spice up an already great pop tune. Another big fish for The Hengles!

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